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Sewer Mitigation

Commercial & Residential Sewer Backups

It’s not fun to think about, but sewage backups can happen to any residential or commercial property. Most homeowners and business owners may not realize that they are responsible for the maintenance and repair of their sewer/sanitary lateral.

The health risks around sewage are dependent upon the amount of raw sewage, the types of germs that are in it, the amount of time it has been in contact with materials in the home, and how much and how long an occupant was exposed. All sewer backups should be promptly and properly mitigated.

Cleaning up after a sewage backup is not a pleasant job. It is not safe to stay in a building that’s flooded with sewage unless the contaminated area can be completely sealed off and placed under controlled air flow, so that there will be no cross contamination of unaffected areas. Allen Restorations Inc. highly trained professionals perform sewage remediation promptly ensuring your home or building is safe to reoccupy.

  • Water/Sewer Mitigation
  • Decontaminate/Disinfect
  • Structure Drying
  • Structure & Content Cleaning
  • Odor Control
  • Complete Reconstruction


Sewage contains a variety of pathogenic - disease causing -fungi bacteria, viruses and parasites. Anyone who works on sewage losses must have updated vaccinations, including one for Hepatitis B.